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Birthdate:Jun 26
Location:Victoria, Canada
It's time for a new bio... I don't know how to sum myself up in a few paragraphs, though. I've been an off and on computer nerd for years, except when I run away to the woods or the ocean and don't touch a computer for weeks on end. I have a psychology degree, but I really don't like people that much. I built a house that's a geodesic dome and looks like a boat inside, so I went and got a certificate in wooden boatbuilding. I'm an anarchist, but believe in its sustainability only at a local level. There I'm an optimist. At any level of organization over a couple thousand people I just think we're fundamentally screwed.

I identify as pansexual and polyamorous. Pansexual because I find myself attracted to great people without reference to gender - guys, girls, genderqueers, transfolk, non-transfolk, whatever. Poly because I believe that a relationship without artificial societal constraints and enforced expectations is healthy. Actual behavior in a relationship is negotiable - it is just the right to discuss outside attractions that is essential.

Want more? I guess you just have to go read the journal... It's mostly friends-only, though, so ask me and unless you're evil or boring I'll probably add you back.

Oh, and I don't think I'll use it much, but I finally broke down and added a myspace...

Finally, if you want my travelogues, go here. I'm a couple trips behind, but that'll get fixed eventually...
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